Our goal is simple:  To craft uniquely flavored, fresh food, over real fire

Real Food

We use only the freshest products and the highest quality cuts of meat.  All of our sausage and cured meats are made in house.  Visit our butcher shops and take home some of our award winning meats! 

Real Fire

There’s no other kitchen in the world quite like ours.  Made in Oklahoma, we exclusively use Hasty Bake Charcoal Ovens, we cook everything over charcoal fire with hickory wood added for flavor.

Real Good

Cooking over fire comes naturally to our pitmasters.  With several award winning pitmasters on staff, pride drives food quality to standards usually only seen at KCBS Contests. 

Each week we use

Pounds of Charcoal
Square Feet of Foil
Pounds of BBQ Rub
Gallons of BBQ Sauce

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Burn Co BBQ was founded in Tulsa, OK by Adam Myers and Robby Corcoran.  We specialize in cooking real food over real fire and making it the best way we possibly can.  We are known for cooking everything fresh every single day on Hasty Bakes made in our hometown of Tulsa, OK.

We never run out of food however, we are known to sell out quickly so be sure to come by as early as possible.

Contact us at catering@burnbbq.com for more information. No orders via email. Please call the location to place a catering order.